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Our Story

BNB Made Easy was the brainchild of ex-PE teacher Tim Mortimer. He founded the company with his wife, Flora, in 2018. Since making his first – and only – cold call to connect with his first client, Tim has seen the company grow at a rapid rate via word-of-mouth referrals. Tim successfully earned his Class 1 Real Estate Agent license while also growing a family with Flora.

Together they have brought three beautiful children into the world, Zoe, Remi and Leon, as well as grown BNB Made Easy into a well-established business employing 20 staff and over 50 subcontractors.

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About Tim

Tim Mortimer grew up in Orange, NSW. He is one of 5 boys who, as young family, planted a maintained a vineyard, now known as Mortimer’s Wines. Yes, it’s a good drop. Tim’s background in farming, sport, education, and hospitality have shaped a unique variety of skills and knowledge, allowing Tim and his wife Flora, to build their successful short-term property management company, BNB Made Easy.

Tim is a contributing author to the Amazon best-selling book ‘Hospitable Hosts’ and was a guest speaker at the ASTRA ‘Here to Stay Conference’ in the Gold Coast in 2022.

Our Core Values


Integrity defines who we are and what we stand for at BNB Made Easy. It is the foundation of trust and respect, built on honesty, transparency, and accountability. Integrity inspires us to uphold our values and principles, ensuring our actions consistently align with our words. 

It is the courage to own our mistakes and the strength to make amends, fostering a culture of authenticity and reliability. With integrity at our core, we create a legacy of honour and trust that guides us to make a positive impact in our lives and the lives of others. 


Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures we remain relevant and competitive in our ever-changing industry. Innovation is about embracing change, exploring new ideas, and seeking ways to better serve our customers. 

By empowering our team to push boundaries, we stay ahead of the curve, continually setting new standards of excellence in our field. 


At the heart of BNB Made Easy are our people, where diverse individuals unite to create a vibrant and caring network. Our community includes our team, owners, guests, contractors, partners, and the broader local community.

We foster connections, value each member, and work collaboratively to uplift and empower one another. By giving back, we ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging and purpose, driven by a shared commitment to making a positive impact.


Excellence is the relentless pursuit of the highest standards, where passion,
innovation, and dedication converge to create extraordinary results. We’re
prioritising work that adds the greatest value and treating our guests and owners to our EPIC hospitality.

When we achieve excellent results, we celebrate our success. Excellence is not just a goal but a journey, a commitment to greatness that leaves a lasting legacy.

Our Team

Tim and Flora

General Manager

Reservations Manager

Orange Region Manager

Dubbo Region Supervisor

Maintenance Manager

Asst. Maintenance Manager

Orange Client Relations

Dubbo Asst. Region Manager

Wagga Wagga Asst. Region Manager

ICT Manager

Orange Sales

Dubbo Operations

Executive Assistant

Marketing Manager

VA Team Captain

Dubbo Sales & Client Relations

Onboarding Coordinator

Accounts Support

Operations Support

Communications Support

Communications Support

Communications Support

Communications Support

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We make your BNB stay easy! Everything is provided and you are guaranteed the lowest rate possible. You also make sure your money supports the local economy rather than international corporations.

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