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OUR team have years of experience. We do this all day, every day, and we love it!

Our Story

BNB Made Easy was the brainchild of ex-PE teacher Tim Mortimer. He founded the company with his wife, Flora, in 2018. Since making his first – and only – cold call to connect with his first client, Tim has seen the company grow at a rapid rate via word-of-mouth referrals. Tim successfully earned his Class 1 Real Estate Agent license while also growing a family with Flora.

Together they have brought three beautiful children into the world, Zoe, Remi and Leon, as well as grown BNB Made Easy into a well-established business employing 20 staff and over 50 subcontractors.

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About Tim

Tim Mortimer grew up in Orange, NSW. He is one of 5 boys who, as young family, planted a maintained a vineyard, now known as Mortimer’s Wines. Yes, it’s a good drop. Tim’s background in farming, sport, education, and hospitality have shaped a unique variety of skills and knowledge, allowing Tim and his wife Flora, to build their successful short-term property management company, BNB Made Easy.

Tim is a contributing author to the Amazon best-selling book ‘Hospitable Hosts’ and was a guest speaker at the ASTRA ‘Here to Stay Conference’ in the Gold Coast in 2022.

Our Core Values

Excellent Communication

Excellent communication is critical in our business. It helps us build trust, uphold our reputation & guarantees future business. We are professional with all our communication types which include verbal, non-verbal and written and we communicate with our guests, clients and fellow team members in an open, honest & polite manner. 

Always Be Growing

Don’t assume limits, explore them. Growth happens outside of the comfort zone. What we don’t know yet, we take it upon ourselves to learn. When we come across a problem, we develop a solution for it. This is called progress.

Systems = Freedom

Whenever we perform a task twice, we create a system for it. When creating a system, we document all processes in detail. When our systems become outdated, we update them. Good systems are a solid foundation which allows us to grow. 

Better than the Gap

We don’t settle for passable. Our staff fight that temptation and push themselves to create something remarkable of which they’re truly proud. We are professionals who go that extra mile to be noticeably better than the next best thing.

Action Today, Not Tomorrow

We don’t just cross off our to-do lists to keep ourselves busy. There is no point spinning wheels. Our staff approach and prioritise their work in a way that has the best impact on our clients and our guests. Whether it be customer service, maintenance, cleaning, or admin, we take action first on what will drive results.

How Can I Help?

Our team manages every situation with a bias towards helping. Helping a guest find the perfect property for their needs, helping a client optimise their home for success, helping a colleague who is having bad day…that is our approach to everyone and everything. 

Our Team

Tim and Flora

General Manager

Guest Services Manager

Sales Captain

Dubbo Region Manager

Wagga Wagga Region Captain

Guest Services Captain

Maintenance Resolution Captain

Client & Property Services Captain

VA Team Captain

IT Captain

Lisa G
Guest Services (Orange)

Dubbo Assistant Manager

Onboarding Coordinator

Guest Services (Dubbo)

Lisa R
Operations Support

Accounts Support

Operations Support

Communications Support

Operations Support

Communications Support

Communications Support

Communications Support

Operations Support

Booking Direct

We make your BNB stay easy! Everything is provided and you are guaranteed the lowest rate possible. You also make sure your money supports the local economy rather than international corporations.

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