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Getting the best return on investment with your property can be challenging! Converting your home into a short-term rental can greatly increase rental revenue, but it can be time consuming and stressful. Managing bookings, cleaning, communication, and and optimised listing can make the process very complicated.

BNB Made Easy offers the complete short-term rental property management service! We do absolutely everything including managing bookings to key exchanges, cleaning, laundry and linen, amenities, maintenance and all guest enquiries 24/7. We take care of it all, giving you complete peace of mind and freedom whilst increasing your bookings and rental income.

We maximise revenue by syncing your property across multiple platforms, dynamically pricing our homes and boosting occupancy with our direct corporate reservations. If you would like to find out more please contact our friendly team today to find out how we care for your home and how much you could be earning with BNB Made Easy.

How it works

Photography & Listing

At the onboarding stage we use our knowledge and experience to create an exceptional listing, with proven high conversion rates, increasing your rental income. We then provide end to end management at a percentage fee.

Listing Optimisation

Our highly attentive team, use the latest supply-and demand data coupled with local knowledge and pricing algorithms to optimise your listing multiple times a week. This ensures no money is left on the table and occupancy is high.

24/7 Management

Our friendly team and complete management service will give you peace of mind, excellent guest reviews, and a higher rental yield. Best of all, we apply our experience, technology and values to do all the work so you don’t have to.


Let Us Supercharge Your Rental Property!

How we do it:

Our 'In House' Housekeeping Service

BNB Made Easy has established and developed a cleaning business alongside our property management business. This ensures we have complete control over hiring, training, and overall management of our cleaning staff and the complete care of our properties.

They are not cleaners, they are our ‘Home Hosts’ who are our eyes and ears before and after every guest who stays in our homes.  We utilise software to ensure our high standards that we set are followed which includes checklists specific for each property, reporting and maintenance, regular spot checking and then we celebrate outstanding cleaning performances and reviews.

Our in-house cleaning service allows us to support the local economy, offer career path opportunities and most importantly, to build caring relationships towards our guests and our homeowners’ properties.

Our Tech Partners

At BNB Made Easy we take our technology very seriously. We’ve partnered with tech companies who are market leaders in their own fields. With advanced technology, we are able to focus on data analysis to make informed decisions, establish more efficient procedures, increase visibility, but more importantly allow our staff to better apply themselves to what matters the most in this industry: high quality customer service.

Our Platform Partners

We manage bookings across all the major booking platforms to ensure we capture the whole market and boost your revenue, achieving up to 25% more bookings.

How we generate more bookings

BNB Made Easy has strategies in place to increase occupancy levels and generate more revenue for our properties and keep booking revenue in the region. These include:

Corporate Partnerships

We work directly with local companies and through third parties such as Orange 360 to service the accommodation needs of the visiting workforce. This may include extended stays or large numbers of bookings, which we are able to service due to our large portfolio of homes across the region.

Direct Booking Website

Our own booking website encourages direct bookings, reducing the platform fees and service fees and ensuring the revenue stays within the region. 

Marketing Campaigns

We market directly to past and returning guests to ensure they remember to book with us next time they are in the region. This increases return bookings and ensures our clients get increased return on their investment.


BNB Made Easy uses a range of touch points in the properties we manage to ensure the guest is aware the property is professionally managed and that they can book direct when they next stay in the region.

Our Property Management Partnership with Marriott International

In 2022, Marriott International recognised BNB Made Easy as a market leader in the industry and incited us to list our properties under their Homes & Villas by Marriott International brand.  

Marriott International only works with carefully vetted property management companies, to ensure that every home listed is professionally managed and our guests experience the high standards expected of Marriott International. Before being added to the portfolio, each property is thoroughly reviewed with a strict criterion in quality, design, amenities, safety, cleanliness, and service.

Select BNB Made Easy properties are now bookable as part of the award-winning Marriott Bonvoy™ travel loyalty program, enabling millions of members to earn and redeem points for home rental and hotel bookings, hotel upgrades, VIP experiences and more.

Fully Licenced Real Estate Agency

BNB Made Easy is a licensed real estate agency (license number 10119625). Payments for all reservations are held in a trust account, then disbursed to you at the end of month. BNB Made Easy’s trust accounting processess are audited both internally and by external auditors in compliance with real estate laws and regulations.

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