At BNB Made Easy, we’re taking steps forward to ensure we are a sustainable business with minimal impact on the environment. We’ve taken guidance from sustainability experts from the hospitality industry and identified a number of initiatives that we’re actioning specific to the opportunities in our business.

BNB Made Easy's property management services includes the supply of essential amenities.

Reduced Plastic Wastage

To avoid unnecessary waste BNB Made Easy buy in bulk, refill and reuse our bottles including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, rinse aid and toilet cleaner across all of our homes. This has saved using an estimated 20,000 single use plastic bottles in 2021.

Green Energy

BNB Made Easy have added GreenPower to our energy plan which supports government-accredited renewable projects in Australia. By adding GreenPower we are Supporting Australian renewables, reducing our carbon emissions and helping contribute to a healthier environment

Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers

Our Homeowners are encouraged to supply EV Chargers in their properties to encourage and allow for a faster transition to electric vehicles in Australia.

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